Plastic injection molding

Precision quality in complex pieces

With more than ten years of experience, we’re specialists in flawless plastic injection molding of intricate pieces requiring high finishing. Committed to quality at every step of the process, our New Century engineers make every effort to ensure that your expectations are met every time-no matter how complicated or detailed that plastic piece may be.

Custom molded plastic products

Bring us your initial creative ideas, and we can custom design the right plastic solution for you -even if the pieces are complex and intricate, and you require runs of a million or more! We’re well familiar with working in all types of plastics from basic resins to high-grade engineering plastics. In addition, we offer specialized custom services, such as Cleaning series , in any shape, any colour. Our customizing capabilities mean that the options for bringing your vision to life are virtually limitless!

Fast plastic mold making

When getting your manufactured product on the shelf, any unnecessary delay can prove to be costly to you. New Century understands that. Sensitive to critical timelines, our engineers design and create custom molds as quickly and efficiently as possible, enabling you to bring your product to market faster, and realize a return on your investment sooner!

High volume, high quality production runs

Regardless of how many pieces you need, you’ll get exacting quality and consistency from the first to the last. Our computerized plastic injection molding machines are engineered to produce millions of identical, high quality custom molded plastic products for your specific application, efficiently and economically.

High quality plastic injection molding from your own molds

Require a run from your own molds? Bring them to us and we’ll run them at rates you’ll find to be highly competitive. While in our possession, your molds are handled with extreme care and maintained in top condition, guaranteeing their optimal performance in the production of consistent, quality parts.

Rapid prototyping

When your invention calls for a molded piece to make it complete and help you launch it, come and see us. Bring us your ideas and we can produce one to two 3D samples from CAD drawings. Rapid prototyping is accomplished through laser sintered epoxy, stereo lithography (SLA) or 3D plotter.

From children’s toys to electronics, our extensive line of quality plastic injection molding products speaks for itself. No piece is too small. No run is too big. View samples of our work to discover what we can do for you! And then let’s talk about your own unique requirements.

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